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Introducing the Magic Mama award for parent bloggers

I love collaborating with other bloggers, and seeing all these award nominations flying around in cyberspace! It’s fantastic that these blogger-to-blogger awards promote a supportive atmosphere around the blogging community. I’m grateful to have been nominated for a few, and wanted to give back somehow. I’m a mummy blogger, and I’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to building a community for mummy (and daddy) bloggers, including an online mothers group and a blogger-to-blogger collaboration group for parenting/family/lifestyle bloggers. I couldn’t find a blogging award specifically for this community (though, I may not have looked hard enough!), so I thought it would be nice to create one!

I’m a Liebster Award Nominee

Shout out to Susan from The Petite Pepper – thank you so much for the nomination! Susan has lived all over the US, works in healthcare, and is married to a pilot! Her lifestyle blog morphed into a mummy lifestyle blog after the arrival of her gorgeous little girl. There are some great posts on her blog – you should head over and check it out!