Blogtober 2017 | Day 25 – Year in review

The year 2017 has been a big year for me. There have been ups and downs, like any other year (maybe some ups that were more up and some downs that were more down), I suppose. But, unlike any other year, this year I became a mum for the first time … nothing can top or take away from that!

Blogtober 2017 | Day 24 – Xmas

I’m so excited to celebrate my little man’s very first Christmas! Being the first grandchild I both sides, I suspect he’s going to be showered with gifts!

Guest series: My positive birth story #6 – Hannah (The Peaceful Mama) part 2

This week, we return to Hannah, the Peaceful Mama. Hannah has three beautiful children, and three fantastic birth stories! Today, I’m sharing the story of her second birth with you.


Jaxon’s birth

My pregnancy with Jaxon was a little different to my first. Anyone with a toddler would understand. I miscarried at 11 weeks in between these two, and so my second boy was due two years and two months after my first boy, Dylan.

This time, I was a huge fan of the water birth, having seen it relieve my pain so well in the first birth, and not needing any other form of pain relief than heated water and massage. So I bought a birthing pool and planned for a home birth. Having gone through birth 1 with my husband, he could understand the process better now and was okay with a home birth. In the UK and Australia, if you have a home birth, you always have two midwives anyway, and must have ambulance cover in case anything goes wrong.

Blogtober 2017 | Day 23 – Weather

We’ve been having crazy weather here. One day it’s nice and sunny, the next it’s cold and dreary. It’s still in that odd phase at the beginning of spring here, where it can’t decide whether or not to be warm. It makes it a bit hard to plan outings, because you don’t really know until the day dawns whether or not the weather will be suitable for whatever activity you have planned!

Blogtober 2017 | Day 22 – Villains and superheroes

If we’re talking superheroes, my favourite has to be Wonder Woman. I have a penchant for strong, female icons, and an Amazon princess with super strength and a magic lasso is pretty high up there on a scale of one-to-cool. If you read my #Blogtober17 post for Day 21 (unusual crushes), you’ll see the theme of independent women continues here …

Blogtober 2017 | Day 21 – Unusual crushes

I couldn’t think what to write for this prompt. None of my celebrity crushes are particularly unusual (nor my real-life ones, either!). In fact, nowadays, I tend to prefer actors based on their talent rather than their looks. Otherwise, what’s the point of actors, right?

After writing my “Teenagers” post for yesterday, where I shared some things about what my teenage years were like, I started thinking about things I really liked in those days. As a teenager, I was really into the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess.

Blogtober 2017 | Day 20 – Teenagers

I have to say, I was a pretty boring teenager. I wasn’t a rebel, I didn’t misbehave or sneak alcohol, or anything like that. I was often teased about being a nerd, and was many a time called a goody-goody. My teenage years weren’t bad at all, but I have to admit they were my least interesting as well!

Blogtober 2017 | Day 19 – Secrets

‘And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.’ ~ Roald Dahl

I’ve always thought of secrets as hidden things that one seeks with excitement – tidbits of knowledge waiting to be uncovered, little treasures one keeps close until one finds somebody worthy to share in the delight. This passage from  Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory eloquently captures the enchanting quality that secrets can possess – the magic, as it were, of keeping things locked away until they are ready to be shared. Unfortunately, however, secrets get a bad rap more often than not …

Blogtober 2017 | Day 18 – Relaxation

I’m not the best at relaxation. I’m always on the go with one project or another, going here or there, and generally keeping busy. But, when I’m not, I’m pretty much a blob. I “rest” by watching TV or surfing the web (or, more specifically, social media), rather than actually taking a break for my mind as well as my body.

Guest series: My positive birth story #5 – Sheila (@theirmullerlife Instamum)

This week, we meet Sheila, mother of two under two – a boy and a girl. Sheila’s story is short and sweet, a tale of love and support, and a little bit of faith. Sheila doesn’t currently have a blog, so I’m really glad Sheila decided to share her story in this series!


‘You got this’, my husband said to me. I smiled and we exchanged a soft kiss, but inside I was unsure, and I knew he was too.

We’d spent the last two hours or so in a hospital room waiting for our scheduled C-section. This was our second C-section, so everyone told us it would be a piece of cake. This isn’t a negative birth story, I promise. But, after the drama we experienced with our first one just seventeen months prior, we both were aware that anything could happen.