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10 reasons why I’m nervous about returning to work

As my first post-maternity-leave day at work looms before me, I find myself feeling nervous about going back. I’ll have been away for thirteen months when I walk into the office next Tuesday – one month of leave over the Christmas closure, plus twelve months of maternity leave. Despite having a new work wardrobe, my first car to make the commute easier, grandmothers to look after my little man, and other things working in my favour, it’s a hard prospect to face. I’m sure there are more that I’ve not yet thought of, but here are ten reasons I’m nervous about returning to work (in no particular order).

6 ways I get my baby to sleep

It’s been a while since I posted anything with a bit more substance, but #motherhood has really been testing me recently! I’ve got a lot of great stuff planned to share with you all, including guest posts from other amazing mums, a new series I’m starting soon myself, and more in-depth posts. BUT, what use is a mummy blog if it doesn’t also share the difficulties I experience, and the simple tips and tricks I use to care for my little one?

My little man is teething (he has one tooth popping out and another on the way, looks so cute!), so he’s often irritable and fussy. On top of this, with some renovations being done on the house before Christmas (and more to come after *makes crying face*), everything is a bit all over the place … including my wits. Little J already isn’t keen on napping, but the teething phenomenon has made it much more difficult to get him to sleep. So, what do I do when he needs his baby-beauty-rest? Here are six methods I use to get him to sleep!