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Let’s all be Bad Moms

Yesterday, while breastfeeding my little man, I watched the movie Bad Moms for the first time. I’d purchased the DVD on a whim, while shopping for some new socks for J, seeing as all his others were suddenly too small. All I expected from this movie was a comedy about mums behaving badly – I’d only seen the trailer without sound, and hadn’t read the blurb on the back of the case. It turned out to be a funny-but-empowering film, with a poignant underlying message about standards and expectations (those of others, as well as our own) around motherhood.

Guest series: Disney Delights #4 – Why I am showing my son Disney princess films

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If you wear a dress and you have an animal sidekick, you’re a princess.
— Maui, Moana


Moana is pretty much my 1-year-old son’s favourite movie. He chuckles every time baby Moana helps the turtle to the water, exclaims in delight when the water does something cool, and makes this weird exclamation-crossed-screeching sound when Maui “be’s awesome”. We even ordered him a plush Maui “magical fish hook” we found on Etsy. He was delighted. But, as Moana herself points out, she’s not a princess. It occurred to me, while watching this exact scene, that I hadn’t really shown my son any Disney princess films.

I started off with Aladdin (yes, there’s Princess Jasmine, but the movie isn’t about her), because I’d seen the musical twice during my pregnancy (I love Disney and I love musicals, so put the two together …), and thought he’d enjoy it (he bounced a lot in utero while I watched the live show). He did love it, and watched it over and over. Next, I introduced The Lion King, mainly because I had a think back to the movies that my younger brother and male cousins enjoyed as toddlers and young children. Simba was a favourite in all three households. J loved this one, too. But, during this first exploration into the wonderful world of Disney, not once did it occur to me to show him a proper princess film.

Introducing the Magic Mama award for parent bloggers

I love collaborating with other bloggers, and seeing all these award nominations flying around in cyberspace! It’s fantastic that these blogger-to-blogger awards promote a supportive atmosphere around the blogging community. I’m grateful to have been nominated for a few, and wanted to give back somehow. I’m a mummy blogger, and I’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to building a community for mummy (and daddy) bloggers, including an online mothers group and a blogger-to-blogger collaboration group for parenting/family/lifestyle bloggers. I couldn’t find a blogging award specifically for this community (though, I may not have looked hard enough!), so I thought it would be nice to create one!

A letter to my son on his first birthday

My dear little J,

Wow. I can’t believe how quickly the past year has gone. The days and weeks and months have flown by, and with each of those, a fraction of your babyhood. The internet tells me that, since you are now 1 year old, you are a toddler. How can this be?! You are still so tiny and helpless – you still rely on me so much – despite the fact that you grow taller overnight more often than I care to think about, and your face looks just a little bit different with each passing day. But, even though this makes me a little bit sad, it also fills me with so many wishes for your future.

Yummy Mummies: Fitness, health, and self-love (Jessica | Life Balanced)

I want to clear the air about something: There’s no such thing as getting ‘back into pre-baby shape’.

Why, you ask? Because your body will never be exactly the same as it was before, after having carried a child. YOU won’t be the same. For the rest of your life, your time, your patience, your energy, and your heart will belong, in large part, to someone else.

But, don’t despair! I’m NOT here to tell you that you’ll never look or feel great again. In fact, I’m here to tell you the EXACT opposite. I’m here to tell you the story of how life AFTER baby can be even BETTER than it was before, both physically and emotionally.

Redefining single motherhood: The co-parenting accomplishment

There is a lot of stigma attached to being a single mother, particularly if you don’t get along with your child(ren)’s father. Somehow, the accomplishment of raising your kids while not being engaged in a traditional family unit (with all the built-in help that usually entails) is overshadowed by the culturally-ingrained prejudice against single-parent or non-traditionally comprised families. Until my family unit became one of these, I had not realised exactly how much these preconceptions abound.

Yummy Mummies: Finding time and motivation (Cecilia | a working mama)

I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Lana, 8 months ago. I had an easy labour compared to the average, but a not-so-easy birth! Following a long induced labour with no pain relief for the first five hours of active labour, my baby just did not want to come out; so I had an epidural for the next three hours, which led to an unplanned C-section one and a half hours after that! It’s incredible how you never forget your labour story. Every time I tell the story, I feel the pain I went through – yikes! Nothing really does prepare you for child birth …

A week after Lana was born, I had my routine check-up with the doctor. She taught me and my husband (who was rather freaked out!) how to check the abdominal separation that had occurred during pregnancy. Now, I don’t know about you, but I was rather surprised to have learned that over 9 months, my abs had separated 3cm!

Guest series: Disney Delights #3 – Princess Parade (Hannah | The Alphabet of Love)

This month, we have a post from Hannah, over at the very unique blog, The Alphabet of Love. Hannah lives in England, with her 4 year old daughter, her partner, and his son. I’m delighted (get what I did, there?!) that Hannah has decided to share a bit about her Disney love in this series. Over to you, Hannah!


As it says in the title of the series, Disney really is a delight. Sure, after what feels like 1000 replays of the same film or song back to back, it may not feel like such a delight. But isn’t it lovely that one animated film can be so effective, it is desired to be watched so many times?

My daughter, Bella, who is 5 years old, has grown to adore Disney films, toys and fancy dress – fancy dress being her favourite. I love it when she does her very own ‘Disney Parade’, changing into all her different princess outfits. When she puts an outfit on, she transforms into that character.

Yummy Mummies: New year, new baby, new you! (Taylor | InstaMum)

Taylor is a fitness-oriented mum of one little girl, who I “met” on Instagram. She enjoys exercising, both alone and with her daughter, and I’m happy she decided to share a little bit about her fitness journey in this series.


So, it’s a new year and you have a new baby at home, which for some of us may mean a new YOU. Not in the way of becoming a different person or losing who you used to be. But by making you a better you. For the next eighteen years, maybe more for some of us, every decision you make will no longer just affect you, but also your child. You now have this precious bundle of joy, and all you can think about is making sure they are safe, healthy and loved. Three things that many of us moms want for ourselves. So, you’re looking at that beautiful, innocent child that you have brought into this world and thinking: How can I give you those three things? You change.

Yummy Mummies: Exercise and fitness during pregnancy & beyond

Welcome to a new guest series! Exercise and a certain level of fitness helps to make pregnancy easier. As a lifelong dancer (hobby, not profession), I was always reasonably fit; but I danced for joy, not fitness, and fitness didn’t really preoccupy me much. During my pregnancy, walking helped to keep me mobile, and stretches helped me maintain the majority of my pre-pregnancy flexibility. But, once the SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) set in, even walking became a struggle.