A letter to my son on his first birthday

My dear little J,

Wow. I can’t believe how quickly the past year has gone. The days and weeks and months have flown by, and with each of those, a fraction of your babyhood. The internet tells me that, since you are now 1 year old, you are a toddler. How can this be?! You are still so tiny and helpless – you still rely on me so much – despite the fact that you grow taller overnight more often than I care to think about, and your face looks just a little bit different with each passing day. But, even though this makes me a little bit sad, it also fills me with so many wishes for your future.

Today is a very special day for you – your first birthday! I know you don’t understand what that means, and probably won’t for another year or two. That’s okay, it is special anyway. It is not only the celebration of the first year of your life, but also the anniversary of your daddy and I being parents. Many letters would end with this sentiment, but I can’t wait until the end to tell you what a blessing you have been to us both. You have helped us grow in maturity, patience, tolerance and, most importantly, our capacity to love. I can say without hesitation (or consultation!) that neither of us have ever felt anything even close to the boundless love we have for you.

My first wish for you, is that you have a happy day today. You have had a rough couple of weeks, with your surgery, and starting a new leap shortly after. It hasn’t been easy for you – you’ve been in pain, you’ve been unhappy, and you’ve been cranky, because you didn’t understand what was happening. But you’re better now, and can enjoy wiggling and crawling and cruising, like you were doing before. You’ve taken a few steps here and there, letting go of the side of your playpen, so it won’t be long before your walking unassisted, and running circles around me. You can go back to the swimming lessons that you love next week, and you’ll also be starting baby gym! I hope you enjoy it – it will be something different for you, and hopefully will be fun to have so much room to play, which we don’t really have at home.

I hope that you continue to grow and enjoy life, just as you are doing now. Everything is a wonder to you, and you love examining how things work, and how things fit together. You are such a clever little man – you quickly work out how to do things (and, sometimes, work out your own way of doing them!). I hope you never lose that inquisitive nature of yours, as it will serve you well throughout life. Learning is a gift, because it expands the possibilities available to you in all areas. I wish for you to learn things that you enjoy, and find a passion to pursue in your schooling career. Don’t be afraid to go with your strengths, and be brave enough to put things aside that you don’t enjoy (unless, of course, they’re compulsory for your HSC! Or whatever they’re calling it these days …). Just learn and do your best.

I have so many wishes for you, my son. I hope that you find people that bring you joy when they are around you – friends and colleagues, alike; and that you find someone to share your life with, who understands you, who encourages you to dream, and who supports your efforts to succeed in whatever endeavours you choose. When you have your own family, I hope that some of the things you have learned from Mummy and Daddy will help you to nurture your little people.

I hope that, when you choose your career path, you will follow your passions. There is nothing worse than spending your life doing something you don’t enjoy (even though, sometimes, you don’t really have a choice; and that’s okay, too). I will be proud of you, no matter what you choose to do for a living. And, if something calls to you, I will encourage you and support you however I can, so that you can answer that call.

Right now, you are this tiny bundle of potential. I can already see little buds of talent waiting to bloom as you grow and absorb the world around you. Will you like music? You did when you were in my tummy, and you still seem to calm down when you hear music you like. Maybe you will be an athlete – you are very active, and are not afraid to get up and try again when you fall on your little butt while trying to walk (or escape your playpen!). Will you be a scientist, or an engineer? You like discovering how things work, taking them apart and reassembling them. Or, maybe you will be something I can’t even imagine yet; because you are at the start of your life, with all possibilities before you.

I want you to know that nothing brings me more joy than seeing your little face looking up at me when I wake in the morning, and seeing your adorable profile as you sleep soundly in your cot at night. If, sometimes, it seems like I am upset or stressed out, it is not your fault. It is because, like you, I am learning new things, and need a bit of time to understand what I need to do. Being your mother is my biggest blessing and my proudest achievement.

My best wishes are for you, on this special day, little J.

With all my love, and hugs, and kisses,

Mummy 💕

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  1. Valeria Cruz | 6th Feb 18

    Romi you made me cry… My husband, my son and I wish all the best to your gorgeous son J and may God bless him for the rest of his beautiful life.

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 6th Feb 18

      Thank you all very much for your wishes for my boy! I’m glad you enjoyed my post! xx

  2. SEEMA ADNANI | 6th Feb 18

    My God! Romina, this is such a heartfelt one. Loads and loads of blessings to your family.

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 7th Feb 18

      Thank you, Seema! I appreciate your wishes. Thanks for stopping by xx

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