Guest series: Disney Delights #3 – Princess Parade (Hannah | The Alphabet of Love)

This month, we have a post from Hannah, over at the very unique blog, The Alphabet of Love. Hannah lives in England, with her 4 year old daughter, her partner, and his son. I’m delighted (get what I did, there?!) that Hannah has decided to share a bit about her Disney love in this series. Over to you, Hannah!


As it says in the title of the series, Disney really is a delight. Sure, after what feels like 1000 replays of the same film or song back to back, it may not feel like such a delight. But isn’t it lovely that one animated film can be so effective, it is desired to be watched so many times?

My daughter, Bella, who is 5 years old, has grown to adore Disney films, toys and fancy dress – fancy dress being her favourite. I love it when she does her very own ‘Disney Parade’, changing into all her different princess outfits. When she puts an outfit on, she transforms into that character. With each outfit comes different gestures, voices, body language and manner. This encourages personality and that you can be whoever you want to be – something she can take forward in her life. Descendants has become a new favourite in recent times. She has the full Evie outfit, including a blue wig.

I had wanted to go to Disneyland since I was a child – doesn’t everyone? As parents with three children, it wasn’t a holiday my parents could afford for all of us. As Bella grew older she started to ask: ‘Mummy, where do all the Disney people live?’. So, when Adrian surprised Bella and I with a holiday to Disneyland to celebrate her 4th birthday, I was just as excited as Bella.

We arrived the day before Bella’s birthday, so that she would wake up in Disneyland on the special day. She had breakfast with Minnie, Mickey, Tigger, and Chip and Dale, before going into the park for the day. We finished off the day watching the Disneyland parade and light show.

Disneyland truly is a magical place. As soon as you arrive at the park it feels like you have entered another world. There is an amazing atmosphere all day long, but especially at night, when the light show and parades begin; they made me emotional all three nights we were there to watch them. The infectious atmosphere, as well as music, had even the men singing along, including Adrian.

With everything you need including restaurants and hotels right on your doorstep you are able to remain in your Disney bubble from the beginning to the end of your holiday. And we did for sure.

Lastly, I thought I would leave you with my favourite image from our time at Disneyland. The image I think absolutely captures the magic of Disney for children. This was taken the first time Bella watched the Disneyland parade. I had a tear just seeing this on the screen and I will treasure this photograph. I can’t wait until Adrian’s son is a few years older as we want to take them both.

I love the memories Disney has brought to us as a family so far, and as Adrian’s son grows older, I look forward to sharing even more memories with our little family.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post for the Disney Delights series.


Thanks so much for sharing your little family’s Disney experience! Stay tuned for another #disneylove post, soon! If you’d like to guest post on sharing what you love about Disney with your kids, please check out the series page and email your post to

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Hannah studied and graduated with a BA Hons Degree in Specialist Photography and Digital Imaging from the University of West London. Life took an unexpected change of direction when Bella was born in Hannah’s third year of university. Hannah completed her degree and moved back to Kent with her family. She now works as a restaurant supervisor in the seaside town of Margate, and Bella is now 5 years old. On the side of work, Hannah enjoys blogging and family activities, especially crafts and getting outdoors.

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