Guest series: My positive birth story #19 – Hannah (The Peaceful Mama) part 3

Today, we come full circle, with the third and final birth story from Hannah (the Peaceful Mama) for the last instalment in the series. Hannah has three beautiful children, and each of her birth stories has been different, despite there being similarities in the approach to all three labours. I’m pleased to share her little girl’s birth story with you to close out this series, which has had a wonderful reception from mummy bloggers who’ve shared and read.


Eden’s birth

Eden is my third baby, my only girl, and my only Australian born; so, not only is she a bit special, but a bit spoilt! There is a five year age gap between her and my next child, and both brothers just dote on her. As you have read previously in thi series, we gave birth to the two boys (Dylan and Jaxon) in London, where I lived and ran a doula and nanny consultancy. They were both born in water; however, our second was a planned home birth – which ended up being a free birth – since the midwives and doula didn’t arrive in time!

I really enjoyed water for use in pain in labour, and I had invested in a birthing pool for my second
born at home (I had had a water birth in a birthing suite in London for my first). So, in many ways, I was looking
forward to the labour and birth because the warm water so alleviated my pain and discomfort in my hips
and back.

Being my third baby, I was prepared for what my body would be doing, but in each pregnancy
(including two that I miscarried many years before), the fear and worry can creep in and rob us of our
peace and joy. I knew that I was low risk for the actual birth but every time I had a cramp, or a Braxton
Hicks, or a small show, the doubt would come.

So I prepared in several ways to ensure I had a peaceful birth. I read books like:

  • Guide to childbirth, by Ina May Gaskin, which helped confirm my body was made for giving birth and
    I was more than capable of a natural birth, and what to ask for in my “support crew”.
  • Stand and deliver, by Janet Balaskas, which is full of practical, easy to understand birthing tips.
  • Your baby, your way, by Sheila Kitzinger

I listened to guided meditations and hypobirthing CDs, and I am working on my own now because I loved
this SO much!

I also diffused essential oils during the pregnancy and birth such as:

  • Lavender – Oh I love this one. This scent truly calms the nerves and reduces anxiety.
  • Frankincense – calming, especially towards the end of labour or when transitioning.
  • Clary sage – minimising tearing and relieving muscle tension (especially from emotional stress) and again
    towards the end of labour. (Note: this oil can induce as well, so you wouldn’t use it until well into labour and
    under guidance of your doula/midwife/support partner, such as husband)

In pregnancy, I loved nothing more than a bath, candles, a chamomile tea, and a citrus oil or lavender blend
in the bath, or sometimes bergamot or ylang ylang. Note: With oils, they are volatile. Always read the instructions, always get a premium oil, and take car with how and when you use them. They can, however, be VERY effective. A qualified aromatherapist can tailor a blend for you. I use Illuminate Aromatherapy. She is fantastic and has a real passion for reducing and helping with mental health, a common side affect of birth, it seems – it goes a little skewiff at times!

Eden was born within one hour and fifteen minutes from when I realised things were kicking off. I didn’t have a
lot of time to process (clearly). I had hubby on hand with especially made herbal teas from my beautiful friend at Blissful Herbs, I rocked a lot and made low sounds, I asked the lights to be down low and voices low. We had two midwives, my husband, my mum, a birth photographer (at her first birth), and at any point my boys could have woken! I believe birth is intrinsically primal and that quiet, dark spaces help retain a sense of control and peace so it was important everyone knew to sort of ‘leave me alone’.

I woke up and realised things were kicking off around maybe 4:30AM, and called everyone, had a shower, and woke up hubby to start brewing me teas. There is a risk with fast births that you can have the placenta break away or bleed too much, so I was starting on a blend to calm my body down and reduce that risk. I walked about with everyone around, sort of really trying to clean up the kitchen because our little girl was coming eight days early!

It was a relief to hop into that birthing pool and really concentrate once it was full and warm. Breathing deeply, sipping tea and staying in the zone in between strong contractions. At one point towards the end, contractions were coming in hard and fast, and I was started to feel a slight overwhelm. I asked my mum to pray with me. She just confessed that we were not alone and things were going okay, and I was immediately at peace.

Two more pushes, maybe three, and my precious little girl was out. I gently bought her to the surface where we watched her take her first breath earthside.

What a powerful, miraculous and sacred moment! Birth truly fascinates and amazes me.

Our bond two and a half years later is still so strong; she is still cuddly, still rests her hand right here on my chest, and
still breastfeeds, which has been helpful in keeping asthma and associated colds at bay. We called her Eden, as my Papa had passed just a few weeks earlier, and we knew he was in paradise now. Her middle name is Aria – a gentle song – as she really was a blessing, and brought hope to our lives.


Thank you, Hannah! It’s been a pleasure to host your birth stories, as well as the many other wonderful stories, throughout the series. This series has now ended, but if you are interested in guest posting for my blog, please check out my guest series page or email for more info.

About Hannah

Hannah is a nurse, birth and post-natal doula, holistic life coach, and busy mum of three. She homeschools,
enjoys playing piano and listening to music, the beach, meeting new friends and catching up with old
friends, and honouring and supporting women in finding work/life balance so that the family unit is
peaceful! She is currently extensively renovating her website, blog and shop. She loves to connect and chat, so feel free to follow her for encouragement and insights, holistic wellness, and coaching. You can find her here:

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    THIS is such an amazing story, how beautiful!

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      Isn’t it just? All three of Hannah’s stories are pretty amazing. Thanks for reading x

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