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January 23, 2018

Guest series: My positive birth story #19 – Hannah (The Peaceful Mama) part 3

Today, we come full circle, with the third and final birth story from Hannah (the Peaceful Mama) for the last instalment in the series. Hannah has three beautiful children, and each of her birth stories has been different, despite there being similarities in the approach to all three labours. I’m pleased to share her little girl’s birth story with you to close out this series, which has had a wonderful reception from mummy bloggers who’ve shared and read.


Eden’s birth

Eden is my third baby, my only girl, and my only Australian born; so, not only is she a bit special, but a bit spoilt! There is a five year age gap between her and my next child, and both brothers just dote on her. As you have read previously in thi series, we gave birth to the two boys (Dylan and Jaxon) in London, where I lived and ran a doula and nanny consultancy. They were both born in water; however, our second was a planned home birth – which ended up being a free birth – since the midwives and doula didn’t arrive in time!

I really enjoyed water for use in pain in labour, and I had invested in a birthing pool for my second
born at home (I had had a water birth in a birthing suite in London for my first). So, in many ways, I was looking
forward to the labour and birth because the warm water so alleviated my pain and discomfort in my hips
and back.