Yummy Mummies: New year, new baby, new you! (Taylor | InstaMum)

Taylor is a fitness-oriented mum of one little girl, who I “met” on Instagram. She enjoys exercising, both alone and with her daughter, and I’m happy she decided to share a little bit about her fitness journey in this series.


So, it’s a new year and you have a new baby at home, which for some of us may mean a new YOU. Not in the way of becoming a different person or losing who you used to be. But by making you a better you. For the next eighteen years, maybe more for some of us, every decision you make will no longer just affect you, but also your child. You now have this precious bundle of joy, and all you can think about is making sure they are safe, healthy and loved. Three things that many of us moms want for ourselves. So, you’re looking at that beautiful, innocent child that you have brought into this world and thinking: How can I give you those three things? You change.

You start to eat healthier, and maybe exercise a little. Thirty minutes a day is all you need. Four out of my five or six workouts a week, I incorporate my daughter. There are a lot of exercises you can do while holding your baby. I use her as my weight, and it also gives us good bonding time. It’s a win-win for both mom and baby. You are getting exercise and they are having fun.

Whenever it is you decide to get back into working out, don’t feel like you need to rush into it, and do not fret when your pre-baby body doesn’t come back right away. Whatever you do, do not – I repeat, do not – compare yourself to other new moms on social media. I know it can be discouraging, but think of everything your body just did and the gift it gave you. You are your own person and your body is amazing. Yes, I know, for some of us, that is hard to believe. Just continue to eat healthy for you and baby. Which, by the way, is so much easier to do when what you eat is also affecting someone else. Trade the fries for nuts and the ice cream for smoothies. This will help you get back into shape faster, and give your baby good nutrients (if you’re breastfeeding).

Eventually, your body will come back, maybe a little different from before, but even more amazing, It did just create another human being, after all. Be happy with yourself, and you will be a happier you. A new you!

– Taylor

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Taylor is a new mom and fitness lover. She is just having a good time sharing her experiences with life as a new mommy and fitness enthusiast.

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You can find Taylor on Instagram via @t_s_fitness and @tayy_garner.

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