7 things that don’t make sense about baby clothes

I love baby clothes. Who doesn’t? They are adorable, miniature things – just like our little babies. But there are some things about baby clothes that are just illogical to me. Here’s a list of seven of them!

1. Short-sleeve-no-short rompers

If it’s hot enough not to wear shorts, it’s hot enough not to have sleeves. Right?

2. No-sleeve-short-pant rompers

See item #1. Am I right?!

3. Crotch buttons

Why on earth would anyone think putting BUTTONS on the crotch of any item of baby clothing was a good idea? I guess it makes no difference to parents whose babies lie still during their nappy change or dressing time, but what about those poor souls whose little ones wriggle about like Mexican wriggling beans??

4. Crotch studs

While crotch studs are probably preferable to crotch buttons, what about those super-hard ones that don’t click no matter how much you press? Yep, see item #3.

5. Normal front zippers

I think one of the best innovations for baby clothing is the use of the reversible zipper. Want to dress baby? Pull the zipper down. Want to change baby’s nappy? Pull the zipper up. With normal zippers, it’s a right pain trying to get your baby’s unnecessarily-stiffened leg to bend – it’s like they know it’s already hard to re-dress them, and decide to make it harder! – so you can shove it back through the pant leg of their onesie (which, by the way, doesn’t unzip into separate pieces at the bottom of the foot). Argh!

6. Size discrepancies

I guess it’s similar with different makes of adult clothing, but I’ve found incredibly vast sizing differences between brands I’ve bought for J. For example, I’ve found Target brand clothing to be the smallest – it’s the first brand to stop fitting him, every time he approaches a new size. This is usually followed by Big W brands (like Dymples) and “actual brands” you get from Myer and the like, such as Sprout, Jack & Milly, and Marquise. And, finally, Bonds. I actually  find that Bonds often lasts well into the next size – he is currently entering a size 1 (at 11 months) for some clothing items, but the size 0 Bonds Wondersuits he has are still too long for him (even with the foot folded over, rather than worn footless). I think it’s probably due to the fact that the recent sizes are trying to cover a longer timeframe than earlier baby sizes (although, I did find the same discrepancies in the early sizes as well), because the sizes I’ve bought in shops like Carter’s Osh Kosh, which stock sizes 6-9 months, 9-12 months and so on (unlike most other brands), have been pretty much spot on as to when they start and stop fitting him. So, why do some shops have three-monthly sizes and others just stick to six-monthly larger sizes? Who knows, but I reckon it should be consistent across all brands, to stop driving me nuts!

7. Ties that don’t tighten

J has countless shorts and tracksuit pants with little ties sewn onto the front of the waistband, that don’t actually tighten the bottoms. Umm …?

Have I forgotten something? Let me know in the comments if there’s something that doesn’t make sense to you about baby clothes!

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  1. mumofheroes | 23rd Jan 18

    So true! Agree with all 😂😂 Also I have never understood bows, ties and other cute acessories because my babies only wear them for like one picture and then pulls them off 😂😂

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 27th Jan 18

      Haha true! Even the dolls I had as a child had those little elastic headbands with bows and they were forever just slipping off their heads! It’s even worse on a doll, cos they have plastic (aka slippery) heads!

  2. The Mini Malpi | 25th Jan 18

    I find numbers 6 and 7 particularly frustrating too.

  3. Kel @ School Runs and Shopping Trolleys | 26th Jan 18

    Baby clothes are a law unto themselves!!

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