‘Twas the night before … my son’s first Christmas!

I was so excited leading up to Christmas this year. My son was born in February, so this was his first Christmas. In my family, we celebrate on Christmas Eve with a turkey dinner that my mum cooks, followed by various activities (depending on who is in attendance that year), until it’s finally present time at midnight.

Present time was always earlier when young kids were there – there’d been three child eras that I’d been a part of, mine and my brothers’s, my younger cousins’, and my cousin’s children’s. Due to a falling out, the latter era didn’t last very long; as such, it’s been quite a while since we had any kids in the house on Christmas. My little man is the first grandchild on both sides, and the first baby in my family in ten years or so. It was bound to be special, and he got spoiled with lots of toys and clothes.

As this would be the first time we didn’t spend Christmas together, J’s daddy and I gave him his own little Christmas on the 23rd. He absolutely loved his baby tricycle, and has ridden it many times every day since.

Christmas Eve was spent with my family, and Christmas Day with his dad’s. Aside from some periods of discontent (probably due to teething, as well as general overwhelm), he seemed to thoroughly enjoy this special occasion. But, rather than recount his Christmas Eve in the usual format, I thought I’d take a leaf out of Clement Clarke Moore’s book, and write him my own version of A visit from St. Nick. Enjoy!


‘Twas the night before Christmas, at your grandparents’ house; all the people were stirring, and boy were they loud! Lying in your pram, napping, on the busiest day, when the doorbell rang and you were suddenly awake.

You were less than impressed that you couldn’t keep on sleeping away, but the Eve had begun. I think it was all just a little too much, since at first you got teary from the bustle and fuss.

So we hid for a while, ‘til your tears you forgot; with some snuggles from Mummy, so scared you were not. We ventured out carefully a couple of times, but it took some convincing for you to be fine.

You wanted to ride in your new little trike, so Grandpapi popped you in and took you for a “drive”. So happy were you that you waved and cried out, and rang your little bike bell as you rolled all about.

It was still overwhelming to be held among all the family members, who’d driven and come to visit for Christmas and eat so much food; the same menu each year, but, my goodness, it’s good!

So again to the trike – it was really a winner – you even sat in it to eat all your dinner! With some cheese and some fruit, your meal was well-rounded; then off to the lounge room, where presents abounded!

All eyes were on you (which, of course, was expected), as your increasingly large pile of gifts was inspected. You were given some toys and some very cute clothes; but the bowl, cup and plate, to play with, you chose!

There were lots of things “Thomas” (the little blue train) – you were oh so excited, you bounced and exclaimed! But the crawl-along-monster your attention did hold, I could tell then and there it would never get old.

By 9:30pm, all the gifts were unwrapped, and the time had now come for more than just a nap. While the adults conversed at the table (with wine), you and Mummy went back to her room to unwind.

Kind of confused were you, just for a minute, wondering whose cot this was, and who would sleep in it. But, just like at home, my little sleepyhead, you had all your milk and you went off to bed.

It was an eventful, long day, I’ll admit; but I’m sure you enjoyed it more than just a bit! With presents and decor and family and food, I bet you would say Christmas is pretty good!

And so, little angel, as you sleep so tight, I ask for all blessings upon you this night. I hope you love Christmas and all of its cheer – we will do it all over again in a year!

With love,

Mummy xo

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