6 ways I get my baby to sleep

It’s been a while since I posted anything with a bit more substance, but #motherhood has really been testing me recently! I’ve got a lot of great stuff planned to share with you all, including guest posts from other amazing mums, a new series I’m starting soon myself, and more in-depth posts. BUT, what use is a mummy blog if it doesn’t also share the difficulties I experience, and the simple tips and tricks I use to care for my little one?

My little man is teething (he has one tooth popping out and another on the way, looks so cute!), so he’s often irritable and fussy. On top of this, with some renovations being done on the house before Christmas (and more to come after *makes crying face*), everything is a bit all over the place … including my wits. Little J already isn’t keen on napping, but the teething phenomenon has made it much more difficult to get him to sleep. So, what do I do when he needs his baby-beauty-rest? Here are six methods I use to get him to sleep!

1. Boob

There is no method more guaranteed to get J to fall asleep. (Yes, I’ve heard the debates around pros and cons of breastfeeding to sleep, but it works for us, so I’m not having that conversation!)

2. Taking a walk

J loves being outside. If our grass wasn’t that weird, long type of grass (in which spiders and other creepy crawlies hide), he’d probably be crawling all over the backyard. Going for a walk is a pretty good way to get him outside – he likes seeing EVERYTHING. Inevitably, the motion of the pram paired with the rough road surface lulls him to sleep. (Disclaimer: there’s no guarantee that he’ll remain asleep once we re-enter the house.)

3. Going for a drive

‘Riding along in my automobile, my baby beside me [(well, diagonally behind me, in any case)] at the wheel [(ahem, no)].’ Driving around near home is a great “go to” when J won’t sleep and is very fussy. Yes, getting him in his car seat can be full of drama, but once the car starts moving, he’s out like a light. I use the time to discover new areas near home, park at the river with a snack or some ice cream, or try to catch up with my blogging.

4. Grandma

If Mum is around, I sometimes let her get him to sleep. She has some way of holding him that magically makes him sleep, that just doesn’t work for me. But, that’s what grandmas are for.

5. Pram rocking

It’s not a method I think to use often, as J’s pram is usually in the boot of my car. However, it can be an effective method to get him to sleep, provided he’s really tired and hasn’t had much sleep during the day. It’s a method I used today, actually, given all his play areas and nap areas are either covered or have been put somewhere they can’t be used for their intended purpose, to avoid sawdust from getting all over them from the renovation work (futile, I know). Today, the pram happened to be in the house. After cradling him, feeding him (milk and solids and snacks!), Watching Aladdin (his favourite movie) with him on my iPad, playing high chair train (choo choo!), and taking him onto the deck to look outside (too hot to stay out there today), it finally occurred to me to put him in the pram. He has been asleep for an hour, if you don’t count him waking up for thirty seconds in surprise, having a drink of water, and trying to escape the pram, before settling back in for some more snoozing.

6. Snuggles

Sometimes there’s nothing like snuggles with Mummy to get J to fall asleep. I recline on my bed and snuggle him into my arm. Then, I repeatedly lay him back into my arm when he tries to sit up a hundred times, until he stays asleep. (Disclaimer: This only works when his eyelids are droopy and he’s making sleep noises.)

So, there you go: five ways I get my baby to sleep. It is sometimes an incredibly difficult feat, but it can be achieved -with a bit of creativity, perseverance, and a crapload of patience.

How do you get your little one to go to sleep?

Happy napping!

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