10 things that make my baby laugh

There’s nothing so heartwarming as seeing your baby delight in the littlest (and, often, silliest!) of things. Their commitment to laughing at these things – not to mention the true amazement in their faces as, little by little, they begin to comprehend the world around them – is enough to lift anyone up when they’re down in the dumps. Here are ten things that make my baby laugh!

1. ‘Hello, poopy!’!

After I have changed his nappy, I leave J in the playpen in his room, so I can go and dispose of said nappy and wash my hands. When I return, I hover outside the door until he notices me and looks up cheekily from whatever mischief he’s attempting. ‘Hello, poopy!’, I say to my little poop machine. And he giggles (he knows he’s the “poopy”).

2. Poopy McStinker

Following in the same vein, one nickname my little man has been given is Poopy McStinker. Just because, you know, so much poop. He thinks this is hilarious.

3. ‘Ding!’

J has never liked nappy time. As a newborn, then an infant, he’d cry as soon as he was placed on the change table. There was a brief interlude where nappy time was okay, because he had Kangy (a kangaroo with interesting baby-entertaining bits and pieces dangling from her paws). Once he worked out how to kick Kangy off her perch (because squirming and kicking and twisting were the new “thing”), nappy time became an experience for me. I have to constantly think of new things to make him laugh (because the same thing is never guaranteed to work for more than a day … or even more than once a day, sometimes!). The latest is me exclaiming ‘ding!’, like a high-pitched foghorn. I dunno, you tell me!?

4. Mummy singing Arabian nights

Disney’s Aladdin is J’s favourite movie. If nothing else can settle him, Aladdin can. We even have the soundtrack to play in the car! When I sing him songs from the movie, I try to make funny voices (but, really, who can top Robin Williams?). My impersonation of the merchant at the beginning of the film is, apparently, ridiculous. But, hey, it works!

5. Flying Baby

J is a wiggle-worm. He cannot stay still, even when sleeping. When he’s being held upright, sitting on my hip, he will sometimes lunge forward at something he’s trying to grab. Or, he’s trying to escape. Either way, “flying baby” distracts him from whatever he was trying to do (which results in a mad grasp to make sure I don’t accidentally drop him from the sudden lurch). Flying Baby is simply holding him face down with his tummy on my hip – he planks, and starts flapping his hands ahead of him. Walking around and changing levels as I go makes him giggle.

6. “Broadway walks”

One of the first times J properly laughed, was when I was doing “Broadway walks” past his pram. Picture something like this:

I did it on a whim the first time, as he was not happy at being left in his pram inside the house, so that I could cook dinner. He actually chortled. He was so gleeful, that I did it about fifteen times, and he laughed every single time!

7. Nom nom nom

When J needs a little bit of convincing to take the next mouthful of solids, a hearty nom nom nom will do the trick. And make him chuckle in the process!

8. Having his yummy “eaten”

J loves is when nom nom nom makes its way to his little, pudgy tummy. He giggles gleefully, and grabs your hair to try and keep you there. When you escape and look at him, he brings his tiny hands together as though he wants to clap, and his eyes sparkle with joy. #meltsmummysheart

9. *sniff sniff* ‘Pfwa stinky patita!’

Patita is Spanish for “little foot”. Pfwa is an onomatopoeic word I made up to indicate stinkiness. Something that really makes J laugh is sniffing his little foot, then saying ‘pfwa, stinky patita!’ It starts off with a great, big smile spreading across his face, to joyful giggles the more you do it.

10. His own farts

Recently – sometime in the last few months, not quite sure when – J’s farts have become audible. Not loud, but you can hear them (as opposed to silent stinkers, when he was very small). Whenever he does one (and especially when he’s distressed about something else and one pops out), exclaiming ‘Baby did a FART!!’ makes him chuckle.

So, there you have it: ten things that make my little man laugh. What are your baby’s favourite funnies?

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  1. Daydreamer mum | 4th Dec 17

    Ha this is soooo cute!!! Nothing like the laugh you get from tiny ones . With 3 teenagers home ,I have to work so much harder for a giggle , they’re a tough crowd!!!

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 11th Dec 17

      Ah yes, more of an eyeroll from that age! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed 🙂

  2. Don Plus Doña Cruz | 4th Dec 17

    loved it!!
    “nom nom nom” definitely works for me too but what I really made me laugh is the song that we have to sing to calm down our little ones…in my case is “if you happy and know it clap your hands” Sebastian loves that song and makes me to sing for hours 🤣…
    great post!

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 11th Dec 17

      Haha yes, until our throats are hoarse! So glad you liked it, thanks for reading 🙂

  3. thetaleofmummyhood | 5th Dec 17

    Haha, this is funny! Both of my daughters think it’s hilarious when they fart too. So lady-like! Xx

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 11th Dec 17

      Adorable! Mine thinks burps are funny too, lately! Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. fromtoddlertotraveler | 5th Dec 17

    I love little baby laughs!

  5. Nicole | 5th Dec 17

    Ah farts and little boys – always bring out a chuckle:) Cute post.

  6. Matthew Blythe | 5th Dec 17

    These are so cute. Met with my friend today and she has a little one who laughs at everything, especially his own farts!!!!

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 11th Dec 17

      Haha, yes, it seems a theme with boys especially! Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. Maria Vittoria Compagnoni | 5th Dec 17

    Such an adorable article! It filled my heart with joy 🙂

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