Guest series: My positive birth story #11 – Julz (The Red Head Diaries)

This week, we meet Julz (from The Red Head Diaries). This amazing woman has given birth five times, by Caesarean … I can’t even imagine five pregnancies, let alone five labours! Today, Julz is sharing the story of the birth of her fourth baby.


I’ve had a total of five babies. Five births; five C-sections. Although all the same type of delivery, they were each different. I am going to share Baby Number Four’s birth. Baby Number Four is a baby born after an infant death. Although she was grown and then born in fear, it was a wonderful delivery.

The Pregnancy

It wasn’t the easiest, I was hit with hyperemesis [gravidarum] (again); but, of course, it was an incredibly anxious time. We were very new into our bereavement, but also found we were pregnant again quite quickly; while grieving freely, it still left me feeling very anxious about the new baby.

I was given twenty-two scans altogether, due to my previous babies having IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). They wanted to be sure that this one was growing. I had weekly scans from 20 weeks. Many people can only hope for that level of scanning; but actually, for someone in our situation, it certainly wasn’t easy. Constant reminders of what happened just months before … and, occasionally, baby would slip off the grow line, causing anxiety.

But we made it to 38 weeks. This was our chosen gestation. I had originally asked to go to 39, for our due date to be changed, as baby was due on our daughter’s first anniversary. But, as the weeks went on, I knew I could not cope an extra week. So, we brought the elective C-section back to 38 weeks.


We were nervous. The last time we were in, even the recovery room it was a completely different atmosphere. There were a lot of people in theatre, but still not the level as before. We had the same consultant; he was our “go to” guy. I trusted him completely.

We were down as first on the list, but there was an emergency, so we’d be next. Although I knew what was coming, I was still nervous. I could feel myself feeling sicker and sicker as I had the realisation that my stomach was empty. For the whole of my pregnancy, I could not have an empty stomach, it just made me feel sick.

I could feel baby moving away in there; she had been breach a few days before, but after one huge movement the night before the C-section, I knew she had moved … but no idea where!

The consultant came in and looked at the clock, spoke of going to hurry the clear up in theatre. We knew we’d only had minutes to wait. I could feel my heart racing with nerves. Then we got the nod to head over to theatre.

I had been suffering with SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction), to the point I couldn’t lift my feet to walk. (I don’t do pregnancy well!) I shuffled along the corridor, with a slight thought of excitement, that I’d be free from leg and pelvis pain for a while, whilst I had the anaesthetic in.


I nervously shuffled to the gurney to sit ready to have a needle in my back. I could feel myself shaking. I felt cold, but I most probably wasn’t cold. There was lots of chit chat around me. Nurses commenting on my webbed toes! We had a few people come over and introduce themselves to us. I can’t tell you who they were, but they seemed nice.

I had to have a CSE, a combination of a spinal block and an epidural, as my epidural wore off at the last C-section (towards the end, and that is rare)! The anaesthetic was in, and it was time to lie me down. A curtain was placed to separate my head from the operating area. They tested my legs to make sure I was numb. We were ready to go.

The birth

The consultant walked in like some kind of superhero, ready to begin. There was lots of shuffling around the room, noise from the beeping machines. I began to feel hot, but knew that was nerves.
Seventies music played in the background (not our choice)!

I had a tugging sensation from beneath the curtain; it wasn’t long before we heard the words: ‘Hello little one’.

She had indeed flipped to head down and wedged herself right into my pelvis, so had to tug a fair bit to get her out. Then that all important scream came. She was here. Born to Jackson Five’s Blame it on the Boogie.

Tears rolled down our faces with the sheer relief that the pregnancy had now finished. She was handed to me, but due to the wires I couldn’t hold her too long; but we got to keep her with us. The last time our baby was wheeled away to NICU.

It felt wonderful.

I was knitted back together to Love Train. The whole thing was calm and just perfect. The operation was complete and our new baby girl was tucked into my bed, and we were wheeled back to recovery.

We couldn’t wait for her older brother and sister to meet her. Pregnancy after a loss isn’t the simplest of things to do. Made easier by having such a relaxing birth.


Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring story, Julz! Next time, we’ll hear from Tammy. Please note that submissions for this series are now closed.

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Julz is wife to one, and has had five children, all born via C-sections. She’s always loved writing, and took it up more when her third baby was born prematurely. Sadly she passed away at 5 weeks old. So Julz’s writing path turned to that of awareness and release. As she is more than a bereaved mum, she run twos blogs: The Red Head Diaries and Melody and Me.

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