Blogtober 2017 | Day 28 – 5 Twitter feeds to follow

Much like yesterday’s post, I thought I’d share the love a little today by introducing you to five Twitter feeds you should follow as a mummy (or daddy) blogger!

These are not the only feeds you should follow as a parent blogger, and are in no particular order:

1. The Wonder Weeks 

This app is amazing! I’ve been using it since J was only a couple of months old and it has been spot on every time he has gone through a developmental leap. I highly recommend it (there’s also a book, I aren’t read it yet, but I’ve got it!)

2. The Tale of Mummyhood 

Zoe runs a great linky, as well as sharing lots of blog tips and articles about how to improve your blogging journey.

3. The Motherload 

This feed is filled to the brim with awesome articles by amazing mummies the globe over. Also, funny memes!

4. Surrey Mama 

I like the pictures on Sarah’s feed, and she also has a great variety of articles.

5. What Katy Said 

Katy also has some great articles, with a mix of #momlife posts and blogging tips!

Follow my tweets! 

I love to tweet my blog posts (articles and stories about my motherhood journey), motivational quotes, pics of my little man, and re-tweet awesome stuff from those I follow. Let’s connect!

Happy Tweeting!

Mini Mummi Blogger 🌺


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Mini Mummi Blogger is a first time mummy to a beautiful baby boy. Currently on maternity leave, she is looking to put her writing/publishing experience to good use through her blog, helping other mummies navigate through the wealth of often conflicting (and, sometimes, even discouraging) information out there about pregnancy and motherhood. She believes that every mummy knows what’s best for her own baby – even first time mums!

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