Blogtober 2017 | Day 27 – 5 Facebook pages I love

There is so much content on Facebook, that it is sometimes hard to find quality pages to follow. As part of my mummy blogging adventure, I’ve found and followed a bunch of great pages from other mums and dads sharing their parenting journeys, as well as baby/parenting-related pages from brands/companies. Here are five Facebook pages that I love!

These are not the only five I love, and are in no particular order:

1. You Baby Me Mummy

More than being just a mummy blogger, Aby helps mummies turn their blogs into a business with super helpful tips, blog posts, videos, and Facebook Lives. If you want to know how (or why!) to do something, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it on her blog.


2. The Mum Conundrum

Kate’s blog, and therefore her page, is a witty, “let’s get real” look at motherhood and all it entails. You won’t be disappointed by a visit to her Facebook page.


3. Jessica Laska- Life. Balanced.

I love the “real-ness” of Jessica’s page. There’s no perfect mum stuff on there – just the struggles and wins of a regular mum trying to begin balance to her life. Her Lives are honest and perky, and her page shares cool stuff – including, quite frequently, Disney!


4. Mini Lolo

My little man loves his Mini Lolo dragons so much, that he has four! These eco-friendly, non-toxic teething/bath toys are so cute, super effective as teething toys, and lots of fun in the bath!


5. Playgro Australia

I find Playgro toys very cute and colourful and fun … but, more importantly, so does my son! He’s got lots of them. For creative toys that entertain for ages, check them out!


Find me on Facebook!

And, of course it would be remiss of me not to share my own (which I also love, though I am biased!). I’d love for you to head over to check it out – and if you love it too, please follow!


Happy Facebook-ing!

Mini Mummi Blogger 🌺


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