Blogtober 2017 | Day 26 – Zoo

I love going to the zoo! I had planned to take J to Taronga this week, along with a friend and her baby daughter, but the weather was too windy and bleak for a zoo visit. We went to the SEA LIFE Aquarium (formerly Sydney Aquarium) instead.

The kids were so engaged with the fish and other sea creatures that they could see swimming around. As they are only 8.5 months (J) and 6 months (L) old, there were things that simply didn’t interest them or that they didn’t notice … The colourful creatures were definitely more appealing to them, but they also were quite taken with the penguins! My little man loved seeing Dory swimming in the tunnel tank, and even waved whenever he saw a blue tang. I’ll be doing a post about our visit soon!

It was a great day, and we look forward to going back to visit the WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo (next-door to the aquarium) soon (as well as the “proper” zoo, too!). But, back to the zoo.

The last time I visited Taronga Zoo a few years ago … around the time one of the baby elephants was born. Elephants are my favourite zoo animals, but I also like the meerkats, penguins, seals, and jungle cats.

I had recently gotten into photography, and purchased a compact DSLR, and was practising during this zoo trip – I took the photos above and many others. It’s amazing how small a number of pictures turn out as nicely as the kinds of photos you imagine you’ll take!

The zoo, for me, is an all-day trip. There really is no point in going for a little while, in my opinion, as there is so much to see! I love walking around an looking at the different exhibits, and how the animals behave and interact. The last time we went, if I recall correctly, was when my thyroid was playing up, and so it was very tiring for me. That’s why I concentrated on taking some photos and playing with my new camera.

A part of a zoo visit that always excites me is the souvenir shop at the end. There’s always something new and interesting, each time I go. Last time, I bought a lion cub plush toy, because it reminded me of Simba from Disney’s The Lion King. The time before that was prior to getting married, and I bought a sugar pot and milk jug set with elephants on it. I still have them, and they’re still some of my favourite kitchen items (which is saying something, since I don’t love the kitchen!).

Anyway, here’s hoping the weather cooperates next fortnight, ‘cos I’m really looking forward to exploring the zoo with my little man!

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