Blogtober 2017 | Day 24 – Xmas

I’m so excited to celebrate my little man’s very first Christmas! Being the first grandchild I both sides, I suspect he’s going to be showered with gifts!

Our family tradition is to celebrate on Christmas Eve. We have a dinner feast – usually involving turkey, sometimes chicken, a bunch of different salads, maybe rice, and my mum’s famous potatoes and homemade mayonnaise. I make dessert … if you recall my #Blogtober post for Day 11 (kitchen), you’ll remember cooking ain’t my thang 😉 of course, J won’t be able to eat most of this stuff yet (he’ll only be 10 months old), but it’s exciting to think about all the Christmas traditions our families will get to share with him.

After dessert, if there are children around, we usually end u0 opening presents at 10:30pm (the latest the adults can handle the kids going “when’s Santa coming, when’s Santa coming?!”. Otherwise, midnight it is! I prefer it when the presents are opened at midnight – it gives everything a more magical air – but, of course, the kiddies get tired and Christmas is meant to be fun for everyone. There haven’t been any children in the family for a while, so the years of early gift-giving have rolled around once more.

Another tradition related to gifts is the Santa-spotting stroll we used to take as children. Even after I’d worked out that Santa didn’t exist, I still kept up the charade (my parents didn’t even know I already knew a game was afoot!) and went for a walk with my younger brother and cousins after dinner, to see if we could find the man in the moon, who we had decided was Santa in his sleigh (that large cluster of craters on the side of the moon we can see!). This helps foster the imagination and keep up the magic of Christmas for the little ones!

When we were little, we had an LP (you know, those giant discs that go in a record player!) of Disney Christmas carols, and I loved it! If you don’t know by now, I’m a big Disney fan, and I am loving sharing Disney with my little man. I can’t wait to play him the (much smaller) disc of the same album on the CD player! (Yes, I searched until I found a copy. No, I am not the least bit embarrassed!)

I also love the preparation that comes with Christmas. Shopping for gifts, putting up the tree, decorating the house, setting the table with fancy serviettes … for me, it all adds to the experience – I don’t find it tedious at all! We haven’t put up a tree at home in a few years: Christmas Eve is always at my parents’ place, and we’ve had mess all over the house for various reasons (just moving, illness, renovations, you name it) since we got to this house. But I can’t imagine celebrating my son’s first Christmas without a tree 🎄 it jut wouldn’t be the same! So the tree will be making an appearance this year, and I’ve already gotten a couple of “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments to hang on it!

Christmas is my favourite holiday season, and I can’t wait to share it with little J!

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