Blogtober 2017 | Day 23 – Weather

We’ve been having crazy weather here. One day it’s nice and sunny, the next it’s cold and dreary. It’s still in that odd phase at the beginning of spring here, where it can’t decide whether or not to be warm. It makes it a bit hard to plan outings, because you don’t really know until the day dawns whether or not the weather will be suitable for whatever activity you have planned!

A boring but appropriate example was last Friday, when a contractor was supposed to install a new door at my house. That morning, before I’d even woken up properly, he called to say he couldn’t do it because the rain meant he couldn’t build the frame on-site without it getting wet (and, therefore, risk the timber expanding). Very disappointing, but what can you do?

My favourite seasons are autumn and spring, but specifically the beginning of autumn and mid- to late-spring (so, basically, now). Both of these periods offer optimal weather:

  • It’s warm enough that shorts and a t-shirt are appropriate but cool enough that you’re not boiling your head off
  • There’s not as much wind as there is earlier/later in both seasons
  • It doesn’t rain as often or as heavily (in winter and summer, in particular, we can get some real doozies, storm-wise)

I’ve got plans to take my little man to the zoo, along with a friend and her baby girl, this Friday. We’re so looking forward to it! It’s not not exactly close to home, so it doesn’t rain again. I love the zoo, even as an adult; I love seeing the different species of animals in their habitats, and taking photos. I’m hoping my son enjoys it! He’s a very alert and curious little guy, so he’s bound to be looking all around with interest!

Fingers crossed that the weather holds up!

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