Blogtober 2017 | Day 21 – Unusual crushes

I couldn’t think what to write for this prompt. None of my celebrity crushes are particularly unusual (nor my real-life ones, either!). In fact, nowadays, I tend to prefer actors based on their talent rather than their looks. Otherwise, what’s the point of actors, right?

After writing my “Teenagers” post for yesterday, where I shared some things about what my teenage years were like, I started thinking about things I really liked in those days. As a teenager, I was really into the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess.

I still love what the character represents – a butt-kicking, independent, intelligent, and attractive woman making her mark on the world. A “girl crush” (feeling of admiration from one girl of another), if you will. This is the first show I recall making an effort to start watching from the very beginning of the series (the second was Alias, so you can probably see a theme emerging here …).

Another thing I like about both of these shows is the fact that they feature strong female characters, in supporting roles, as well as the leading ladies. Xena has her companion, Gabrielle, and many female nemeses (for example, Callisto) along with her other main rival, (male) one-time-love-turned-enemy, Ares. Sydney Bristow, from Alias, also has female nemeses, including Anna Espinosa, as well as her own mother, Irina Derevko.

Whether evil or not, all of these characters have strong personalities and talents, and are independent and smart. These are traits to admire, and aspire to. And these characters certainly played a part in what I think a strong woman is. When I became a mother, I learned that there are a host of other things that make you strong, including surviving and excelling at things you never thought possible.

What female characters or celebrities have inspired you?

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