Blogtober 2017 | Day 20 – Teenagers

I have to say, I was a pretty boring teenager. I wasn’t a rebel, I didn’t misbehave or sneak alcohol, or anything like that. I was often teased about being a nerd, and was many a time called a goody-goody. My teenage years weren’t bad at all, but I have to admit they were my least interesting as well!

When I was younger, I wanted to be an astronomer. I love the stars and learning about planets and the physics behind what happens up in space. I knew it was a difficult career to pursue (and, in fact, I changed my mind when I saw how much maths was involved!), so I dedicated a lot of time to school work. (Aside from the fact that I enjoyed studying anyway.) I even neglected to get my provisional driver’s licence while studying for my Higher School Certificate, resulting in my having to renew my learner’s permit!

Here is a snapshot of my typical activities as a teenager:

  • Studying – you’ve heard enough about that!
  • Reading – I still love reading but don’t have as much time at the moment!
  • Slumber parties – or “slumber-less parties”, as we called them!
  • Dance lessons – I took ballet, tap, and jazz lessons since the age of 6.
  • Family holidays – we drove to a lot of places, most notably The Snowy Mountains.
  • Playing computer games – we had some Disney ones (Aladdin and The Lion King), which I loved, as well as my other favourite, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
  • Storywriting – I never wrote anything I was completely happy with, story-wise, but I really enjoyed the process!
  • Writing poems – I wasn’t much of a fan of reading poetry, but I did like writing it.

So, there you go: a summary of my (not)scandalous teenage years!

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