Blogtober 2017 | Day 15 – Old photos

I’ve always loved antique photos. There’s just something about them that draws me in. Perhaps the elegant vestments, or the sophisticated poses, or even the stern expressions – you just know that they hold an entire history in one image …

Every time I went to the Easter Show as a teenager, I was drawn to the stall selling antique-style photographs in a Wild West theme. I never got one done, and there were two reasons:

1. They were super expensive!

2. I didn’t particularly fancy dressing as a harlot (apparently the only class of woman in the Wild West).

On one of our family trips to Chile, we visited a very large shopping mall that had recently been built. I think I was 19, or thereabouts. In this mall, there was a shop called El Baúl de la Abuela (Grandmother’s Trunk; as in suitcase, not elongated nose!). Here, they took classy old fashioned photos, individually or in groups of varying sizes. The men could don top hats and canes or pistols and cowboy hats, while the women chose from the (faux) finery of Victorian fashion or the infamous harlot attire I had sought to avoid. I was crushed when, after enquiring about the process for getting the photos done I was told that they took several days to process and become available for collection. We would be leaving in only two days.

Back home in Australia, Dad tried to help me realise my desire to have old fashioned photos taken by collecting bits and pieces (like a small wine table and vintage-looking suitcase), so that a friend and I could dress up and pose (I love dress-ups!). We never got around to doing this, for various reasons, but I’m grateful that Dad tried to make this into a project so I could get these portraits!

Happily, the next time we visited, around my 22nd birthday, I believe, getting these photos done was at the top of my to do list! We actually did it on my birthday, which is what I had requested when asked what I wanted to do to celebrate. We had lunch somewhere in the mall, I don’t recall where; and when we got back to my grandma’s place, we had the most amazing mil hojas (thousand layers) cake I’ve had before or since, from Marco Polo (a popular restaurant in Valparaíso). But, back to the photos.

I was super excited to get these done, finally. There were so many costumes to choose from, and I wanted something elegant but not stuck up. It was a lot of fun posing for the portraits, and I was very happy with the results!

There were a bunch of them, but this is the only one we managed to find in time for my post. (We didn’t even have to “find” it, since it has been sitting on the TV unit in my parents’ lounge room since it was taken haha.) Dad had a good look through the (large) box of photos we’ve been collecting since forever, but couldn’t find the rest. Then Mum informed me that I’ve got them somewhere, but I’ve got no idea where they could be! I’ll have to look for them one of these days – I’ve forgotten what they even look like!

Happy snapping!

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