Blogtober 2017 | Day 11 – Kitchen

In a long line of enthusiastic cooks, my culinary arts come as somewhat of a disappointment. The running joke in my family is that Mum will have to teach my brother (who apparently shows more interest in it than I) to cook, so that the line of good cooks continues. 

Let’s get things straight, though, before we go any further: I can cook. I’m not a bad cook, either. My food is more than edible, quite often very tasty. It’s also kind of boring. My menu consists of various pasta, stir fry, and roast or baked dinners, on rotation – sometimes with a pizza or a meat-containing-salad thrown in. I’m not an imaginative cook, I’m the first to admit that, but my food tastes good.

See, the thing is, I don’t like cooking. Sorry for busting the the traditional image of a South American woman in the kitchen rolling dough for empanadas (on that note, my mum makes excellent empanadas). While this isn’t news to Mum, I do think she misses having someone to share her cooking skills and enjoyment with. You know, a daughter who actually likes cooking, who was supposed to learn to make all the yummy things. When I want the yummy things, I just ask her to make them for me! Luckily, my brother loves my mother’s food so much that he has decided that his future wife will take cooking lessons from Mum before they get married 😂

On top of disliking cooking (not to be confused with baking, which I actually do like), I am also a fussy eater. There are things I won’t eat (mushrooms – who invented these rubbery things?!), things I can’t eat (texture-y tomatoes, gag! Yes, literally, gag.), and things I won’t even try to eat (foods with strong smells, usually due to large amounts of spices, just put me off). I suspect this has something to do with why I don’t enjoy cooking.

I cook because we have to eat.

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Mini Mummi Blogger is a first time mummy to a beautiful baby boy. Currently on maternity leave, she is looking to put her writing/publishing experience to good use through her blog, helping other mummies navigate through the wealth of often conflicting (and, sometimes, even discouraging) information out there about pregnancy and motherhood. She believes that every mummy knows what’s best for her own baby – even first time mums!


  1. Mom Of Two Little Girls | 15th Oct 17

    I also hate cooking. I hate thinking what to feed them every single day, and I hate the cleaning up. I hate having to use more than two pots/pans to cook one meal, and I hate slicing onions. You are not alone!

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 16th Oct 17

      Oh, onions! Don’t get me started on onions! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. thetaleofmummyhood | 15th Oct 17

    I’m not a fan of cooking, it’s something I can do but not something I really enjoy. I much prefer eating! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 16th Oct 17

      Thanks for reading 🙂 It’s definitely not on my list of preferred household chores! Possibly second only to washing dishes, which I hate with a passion!

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