Blogtober 2017 | Day 8 – Holidays

I remember lots of family holidays as a kid. We’d often go places with bush walking or museums or some sort of activity to do. Always places we could drive to, since my dad likes driving but really does not like flying. One of my favourite childhood holidays is a trip to Jindabyne. I recall the holiday house we stayed in, House Matterhorn. I Googled it just now and it looks just like it did then, some fifteen years ago – but not old, mind you. It was a lovely holiday. We tried to ski (without much success, as we were going horizontally across the slope, because we were too scared to try going down), and we had heaps of fun with toboggans. My brother and I built a snowman, then a snow-Henry (our puppy, which we had recently acquired). I don’t think it actually snowed while we were there, but it was so bloody cold that even the snowsuits we were wearing barely kept out the chill.

We have family in Chile, so we’ve been there a few times to visit them. Most of the time spent there was literally visiting family, and sometimes going to a museum or to a feria artesanal (artisans’ market). One time, we went camping to a mountain spring (or manatial), and that was interesting. The man-made lagoon was lovely and the water wasn’t too cold. There was a recreation hall, with foosball tables and ping pong, but we didn’t play much of those. Sidebar: I hate camping; it’s cold and damp and why on Earth would you sleep on the ground in a flimsy tent instead of in a warm, comfy bed?? The landscape was beautiful, though.

Christian and I also took a holiday to South America together. We went to Disneyland first, because of course (I love Disney and had always wanted to go there! And, no, three days is not enough).

We also visited Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. There are so many beautiful and interesting places in these countries, but there were a few standouts for me. First, and probably most, the Atacama Desert. The arid terrain is hauntingly gorgeous. We took guided tours to the Salt Flats (where we saw hundreds of flamingos), the Valley of the Moon (Valle de la Luna), the Valley of the Dead (Valle de la Muerte), the Tatio Geysers, archaeological sites (such as a terraced hill fortress), and various little Altiplano pueblos (small villages). Everywhere was amazing! Finally, we did an astronomy tour, where the hosts introduced the night sky, and then attendees wandered around the several large telescopes installed at the location. I’ve never seen a more beautiful night sky! Another of my favourite locations was Cabo Polonio in Uruguay. It is a gorgeous coastal community – not strictly legally inhabited! – with a lighthouse and the most incredible view. Finally, we visited Buenos Aires, Argentina. Such a rich culture in this city! My favourite parts of this leg of the trip were the tango concert and the district of La Boca.

We’ve also been to Tasmania twice. I love it there and can’t wait to share it with little J. I feel like that’s a place to go when he’s a little older, so he can understand more of what’s going on and enjoy the journey and the landscapes. I have, however, been contemplating the possibility, recently, of going on a small holiday with my little man. He’s just turned 8 months, and we haven’t been anywhere further than one hour from home with him (hello, grandparents!), but it’s also been three years since we had a holiday, so it’s time to think of somewhere to go!

Happy travels!

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