Blogtober 2017 | Day 7 – Goals

I’ve got to be honest: for this prompt, I had no idea where to begin. I guess the most immediate goal I’m working towards is staying on top of and completing the #Blogtober17 challenge! So far, I’ve managed to stay a day ahead, but today I was stuck on what to write about. So, my first goal is to get back to being a day ahead of the prompts, so I don’t have to rush on the day, or risk missing a day because something happened that prevented me from working on my blog that day. Now that I’ve gotten started, there are a lot of things on my list …

Now, let’s look at housework. I am not good at housework. I used to work a two-hour train ride from home (during which I would frequently check work emails to get a heads up on my day, or do some uni readings); and even though I got to leave the office two and a half hours early, I had to work on the train on the way, and even a bit after arriving home. It was 6:30pm before I could even start to think about making dinner. So I found it hard to motivate myself to do housework during the week (and due to other commitments, some weekends saw very little housework done also!). Often, I’d take some time to try to wind down before doing anything else (and would sometimes end up not doing anything). I am not fond of washing dishes, so that would often stay undone until Christian came home and washed them. I don’t mind doing housework – vacuuming, laundry, cleaning toilets even – but I have a hard time staying on top of it. Cue dead plants because I forgot to water them. A long-term goal of mine would be to not only get on top of my housework, but to get good at it! I’m getting there, slowly but surely!

How about study? I’ve just enrolled in a new uni course for next year, so a goal there would be to stay on top of my readings and assignments. I’d also like to maintain a good grade average throughout the course, so another goal for study would be to make time to dedicate to my uni work. This will be the first time I’ve studied while having a more important (and very demanding, time-wise … and energy-wise and emotionally!) commitment. I know it won’t be easy, but I do love a challenge!

Blogging. This is relatively new for me, but it’s already an important part of my day. I love writing and blogging is a great outlet for me, both intellectually (to keep my brain active!) and mentally (you know, for my sanity). I’ve already met some lovely other mummies online through blogging, and it’s fantastic to share and read other people’s experiences. So my goal here is to stay on top of my posts – aiming for at least twice a week – and keeping active in my various Instagram pods and Facebook groups for mummy bloggers.

Finally, but most importantly, motherhood. My goal is to be the best mother I can be for little J. This means taking care of myself, making sure I eat well and exercise, and do things that make me happy so that I can be the best version of myself for him; so that I can nurture him and care for him, and help him learn and grow and discover and aspire. So that, one day, he may have some pretty amazing goals himself.

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