Blogtober 2017 | Day 3 – Car

Funnily enough, today I put a deposit on my very first car! So this topic comes at the perfect time. I actually spent a lot of yesterday researching different makes and models. There’s so much to choose from!

It’s funny how many considerations there are now. I never really needed my own car before, but I always imagined what sort of features I would like if I ever got one. I wanted a cute car, in a nice colour, nothing too big so it’s easy to park. Now, with a little person in tow, those things are out the window. I’m a mum, I need a suitable car. That said, I didn’t want to have a “mum car” – a boring model, with an ugly shape. I still wanted something that’s “me”.

I’d seen several models that are either SUVs or wagons (not the old fashioned station wagon kinds!) that are nice to look at, but still have plenty of room for my little man’s things, and is sturdy enough to keep us safe. I finally landed on one I liked – a Kia Sportage – and went to look at it today. Turns out it had a spot of peeling paint on the hood, and that would have just bothered me forever!

The sales guy was really helpful, and not at all pushy. He asked his manager about getting the blemish fixed if I were to purchase the car, so the manager came out to chat to us (and was willing to get it fixed!). However, he said he could show me some other cars before I decided whether I wanted to go ahead with this one. “I have the perfect car for you”, he said, after my dad asked him whether he had any others that were similar within my price range. The manager took me over to a lovely white Hyuandai ix35 – the next model up in size from the car I originally wanted (the i30 hatchback)!

This one was perfect, without any imperfections that would annoy me (of course, all used cars have something, but this one looks pretty immaculate!). Best of all, it was cheaper and had more rego than the Kia!

I’m so excited! This time next week, I will have my very first car parked in my driveway!

Happy driving!

Mini Mummi Blogger 🌺


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  1. Cherry Newby (@TheNewbyTribe) | 3rd Oct 17

    That’s exciting news! I love getting new cars!

  2. Lucie | 4th Oct 17

    How exciting!!! Theres nothing quite like the feeling of a new car! Enjoy!! 🙂


  3. Danielle Spencer | 4th Oct 17


  4. Mini Mummi Blogger | 6th Oct 17


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