Guest series: My positive birth story #2 – Hannah (The Peaceful Mama) part 1

This week’s story comes from Hannah, the Peaceful Mama. Hannah has three beautiful children, and three fantastic birth stories! Today, I’m sharing the story of her first birth with you.


Dylan’s birth

My first birth was close to ten years ago! Typically, as a first time mum, I prepared by reading ALLLLL the books in the library 😉 To try to condense my thoughts, I will whiz through these stories and bring out the highlights. What revolutionised my first birthing experience and  set me on the path I am on today, was some key things I discovered prior to this birth. I implemented them and consolidated my beliefs around birthing and the village, as well as the right education on labour, birthing and breastfeeding/postnatal care.

The three books that I loved were:

  • Stand and deliver, by Emma Mahoney, a great final trimester prep book, brimming with positive and practical advice.
  • Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth, which filled me with hope and strength to believe my body was designed to give birth.
  • Dr Gowri Motha’s The gentle birth method (she also does The gentle first year, which I also loved).

These three of the hundreds of resources available to us these days,  transformed me and my experience

My first labour was five hours; we had had STRONG Braxton Hicks for weeks, and I was 40 weeks and 6 days when I would walk for hours and hours, even at night. Of course, being the first, we had the ability to just leave the house at midnight, me restless, for something. Husband, clueless and willing to do what it took – if it was ice-cream cravings fine, that’s what a good man does right? But no, mine was endless hours of walking, and being a personal trainer, he was fine with that … Maybe not the midnight ones, but nevertheless.

By time we got to this stage, I was understandably, over it. We asked our midwife to do a cervix sweep, a less invasive (oxymoronic) way to try to kickstart labour than, say, Pitocin. I was already dilating, and so we walked all the way back and celebrated our wedding anniversary with pasta at Zizzi’s (Chiswisk, London). Delicious, even though there was no room!

The next day more walking, and back to hospital. I was 3cm dilated with out me even knowing it was happening. Walking and keeping fit is a really important aspect of having the strength to labour. Back home, a bath for my sore hips, and then I really started to feel things were happening. Such a strange instinctive pull, physically, mentally, emotionally. This first time is such an interesting time, you aren’t just birthing a baby, you are birthing yourself as a mum!

We called a friend, and he came and picked us up. We headed to hospital and halfway there hit bumper-to-bumper traffic! The rugby was on in Twickenham and we weren’t moving. I smile as I recall this, as our friend, I think, was more stressed than me. I had my music on in earphones, and each contraction was getting stronger and stronger … He kept saying you can scream if you want. His wife had just given birth ten weeks before, and it had been pretty full on, so the memories were a bit raw, I think. He and hubby were sort of mentally pacing, and I was in the back seat with my heat pack on, listening to a bit of India Arie, bit of Norah Jones, a few fave old hymns and Brooke Fraser, calm as a cucumber.

I now tell all my clients: “Calm, focused, low”. These are my helpful hints in a nutshell. Calm quiet thoughts and noises, low noises and anything that helps baby get low (ie, use gravity) and focus. Go INWARDS and listen to your body.

Once we got there we found out that, miraculously, some people had just moved on or weren’t far enough in labour to be admitted; we were so lucky to get a birthing suite with a pool, which I desperately wanted. I won’t go into the stats here, but you are likely to feel less pain, feel more supported, buoyed by the water, and stay calmer in a water birth. Its very, very safe for you and baby.

To cut it short, we laboured for five hours – the midwives thought it would be the next day, but I said no, before midnight. I had a student midwife in and I just asked her to video the final moments. The only disappointing thing about the whole birth was that, at the moment of entrance to the world, she was watching me with video camera pointed the other way hahaha. I was so peeved by that.

He came out, a bonzer 9lb8oz (4.33 kg) and 53cm, 40 weeks +8 over due at 10:33pm.

I felt so absolutely in shock, I guess, as it had gone so well. But also empowered and also a word I can’t articulate. Sort of scared? I wasn’t fearful but overwhelmed that this tiny (not so tiny) little human was ours and OMG, I was responsible for raising him!

Overall, It was a peaceful birth, and I learned a lot from it. I had a small tear and I wouldn’t let them stitch it. I cuddled my boy, in awe of his tiny fast breaths. I was a bit in shock and was shaking. No one warned me of that. I just wanted to get home, and I wanted my mum. It was all new. I often think if that was after a positive birth experience, I wonder how hard it is to process all this when its a more traumatic birth experience. One of my “why’s”, I guess, is trying to help mums in this process. I also firmly believe we should share, talk about, normalise good birthing experiences. We shouldn’t always talk about the horror stories, most of them stem from being ill-informed, ill-prepared or unsupported. Many could be prevented. Its important we share good birth stories and education, too. We shouldn’t feel guilty for any of our births, good or bad; we are all doing our best.

Over the last decade I have made a LOT of mistakes and the advice my mum gave to me when he was just 3 weeks old, was: “You cannot always rescue your kids, you are not their saviour”. Many times, on many levels, that advice has helped me raise my children. I teach and train them, and am responsible for nurturing them, but not for rescuing them. Some lessons are best learned for yourself, and resilient, responsible children learn from their own life journey.

Stay tuned for the birth of my second. By this time, I had trained as a doula. I had hired a doula and booked a home birth with two midwives! I was so prepared …. But I ended up freebirthing!!!!  Have you heard of this? Let me assure you it wasn’t intentional! I also lotus birthed. So I would love to share these  more woowoo concepts with you from my perspective.

Thanks, Mini Mummi Blogger, for having me in your space.


“The Peaceful Mama”


Keep following the series to read about Hannah’s second and third births! Next week, we’ll hear from Helen, from Natural Beauty with Baby. If you have a positive birth story you’d like to share, please email for more info.

About Hannah

Hannah is a nurse, doula and holistic life coach for stressed-out-mamas-who-can’t-quite-seem-to-get-that-work-life-balance-thing-down-pat! She is a mum of three energetic, fun loving, outdoorsy home schooled kids: 9¾, 7 and 2. She loves reading and learning, dancing to 90’s R&B with her kids, running workshops, meeting new friends, and helping families find a peaceful balance … Oh, and the beach!

Her website is being re-branded and logo-ified, which is daunting/exciting! But you can follow some of her musings on Instagram (@lovethosepics) and Facebook (The Peaceful Mama). If you want to see her newer direction, Acquired Elements, her new website will be launched in November and will include competitions, freebies, and bespoke retreats.

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  1. relaxedmomma1 | 4th Oct 17

    It’s so refreshing to read positive birth stories! Giving birth can be very scary especially because people tend to always share all the things that could go wrong.

  2. Emma Garratt | 6th Oct 17

    I love to read about people’s birth experiences, I’m super broody hehe x

    • admin | 6th Oct 17

      Thanks for reading! x

  3. Eva | 7th Oct 17

    Oh I wasn’t so lucky with the water birth as never made it to the pool 😂 But so glad you had a nice experience with that.

  4. Sarah (@SarahRooftops) | 7th Oct 17

    Looking forward to reading about the freebirth!

  5. wanderlustandwetwipes | 7th Oct 17

    What a lovely story x

  6. closeenoughtokiss | 7th Oct 17

    beautiful story x

  7. Alana - Burnished Chaos | 7th Oct 17

    Sounds like a lovely birth experience (apart from the traffic!) x

  8. Jennifer | 7th Oct 17

    What a lovely positive birth story! I had a water birth with my second and it made such a difference. I remember feeling a bit shaky afterwards too, I think it was to do with the relief that it was over!

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 7th Oct 17

      I’ve heard a lot of positive things about water births! Good to keep in mind if there’s a next time haha. Thanks for reading!

  9. craftcartwright | 7th Oct 17

    Lovely story

  10. Hannah | 8th Oct 17

    Wonderful! Thanks so much for having me share my story … it really was incredible although all births are “hard” in different ways .. and painful but the reward is very worth it and it’s my passion to educate and support women to give birth and leave that experience on a high.

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 8th Oct 17

      Thanks to you for sharing! It really is a great story 🙂 and thanks so much for helping me brainstorm themes for my first series!

  11. Heather | 8th Oct 17

    Great to hear positive birth stories being shared. Despite a lot of thought and preparation both my births were long and complicated! I always love to hear the other side and think positivity goes a long way x

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 8th Oct 17

      Thank you so much! It’s definitely nice to have a balance of positive stories for all the traumatic ones out there. Thanks for reading!

  12. Becky Cook | 8th Oct 17

    I read those exact same books! Lovely post. Xx

  13. Susie at This is me now | 8th Oct 17

    Oh wow what a lovely birth story! I’m due in January with my second and really hope for a water birth. My first was pretty good and I used hypnobirthing but couldn’t use the pool. Xx

  14. The Muddled Mum | 8th Oct 17

    What a beautiful birth story. Birth is so empowering

  15. Donna | 8th Oct 17

    Thanks for sharing! Love amazing birth stories! X

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