Things I’ve learnt about motherhood (so far)

The most important lesson I’ve learnt in my mothering journey so far, is that nothing is certain. Almost everything you think will happen (or not!) either happens differently or not at all. What do I mean by this? Perhaps these tips will paint a clearer picture …You ALWAYS need your baby bag

Babies poop. A lot. Sometimes not for days, but when they do, it’s HUGE. And when they’re not pooping, they’re puking it dribbling or raspberry-ing out their food. I just did a “quick trip” to the shops without his regular diaper bag, and when I pulled him out of his car seat, I smelled the distinct odour of baby poo. Luckily I had a small, backup bag in the car – crisis averted! Moral: there is no trip quick enough to undertake without a baby bag.

Sleep is never certain

Never assume that a baby will stay asleep once they’ve gone down for a nap, or even at night. They can wake up at any time, for a plethora of reasons, even if they were sound asleep five minutes ago. Pick what you want to get done while they’re sleeping – be it eating, resting, housework, or catching Z’s yourself – and do it. But just that.

Babies move at the speed of light

Even if they can’t walk or crawl yet, they somehow manage to wriggle themselves from A to B quicker than you can blink. Always keep an eye (and where necessary, a hand!) on them.

Everything belongs to Baby

Doesn’t matter what it is, if your baby wants it, that’s that. Your drink bottle, your snack, your jewellery, your hair … if it’s in your hand, or otherwise attached to you, it’s fair game. Of course, you can’t always give in (for safety or disciplining purposes, or both). If this is the case, prepare for waterworks.

The floor is their canvas

Whatever measures you take to prevent stuff from ending up on the floor, they aren’t good enough. Babies can somehow manage to unstick, unzip, unclip, unhook, un-pretty-much-anything anything. If it goes near your baby, it will most likely end up on the floor.

What stuff have you learned about motherhood? 🌺

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  1. E. L. Lane | 27th Sep 17

    Going to the bathroom is a public event. Your kiddos are your audience.

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