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I originally started this blog after receiving one too many bits of conflicting advice. It frustrated and confused me to have so many sources telling me different “correct” ways of caring for my baby. As I’ve mentioned before, this made me realise that every mum and every baby is different, and each of us needs to do what’s best for our child and our situation.

After almost two months of blogging, I can see potential for posts in almost anything … from my every day experiences, to questions I have to Google the answers to, or the observations I make of the world around me and things I watch or read in print or online. It’s a good outlet for the creative energies I’ve got stored up, and I very much enjoy putting pen to paper (or should I say fingertips to keyboard!) on a regular basis.

As people, primarily mothers, began to interact with my content – whether on my blog or my social media platforms – I began to realise that my audience is largely made up of women seeking the kind of support that is plain and simple and friendly; perhaps with a touch of humour or even sarcasm, thoughts from someone who just “gets it”. It wasn’t until I had fully formed this thought in my head, that I realised that that’s the kind of support I’m looking for as well. So, thank you to my readers for providing me with an opportunity to share my experiences, to both give and receive that support, and for welcoming me into the mummy blogger community.

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Mini Mummi Blogger

Mini Mummi Blogger is a first time mummy to a beautiful baby boy. Currently on maternity leave, she is looking to put her writing/publishing experience to good use through her blog, helping other mummies navigate through the wealth of often conflicting (and, sometimes, even discouraging) information out there about pregnancy and motherhood. She believes that every mummy knows what’s best for her own baby – even first time mums!

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