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For the third night in a row, little J is having trouble getting to sleep. I’m not really sure why, he’s usually out like a light by 9:30PM, and sleeps right through till about 6 in the morning. We haven’t done anything particularly different these past few days … perhaps he’s having a growth spurt.

The last two nights, he’s gone to bed as usual, but woken up groaning in the middle of the night and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I held him and he drifted in and out of sleep pretty much all night. Tonight is shaping up to be the same. He didn’t fall asleep during his final feed, like he usually does; I had to wait a while and give him a bit more to coax him out of his “electrified” state (just something we say, in Spanish: Picture wide-eyed, ear-to-ear-grinning, bouncy-and-gurgle-y baby). I put him down and he woke five minutes later, groaning like the other times. I picked him up and am snuggling him until he’s asleep enough to put back to bed.

I haven’t slept properly since Thursday, and my eyes feel like they’re going to pop out of my head at any minute! But, sitting here, with my son nestled in my arms, only two thoughts are going through my mind: how perfect my little man is, and how lucky I am to have him.


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  1. reyvennestman | 18th Sep 17

    We are so lucky 😍❤️ Love snuggling babies ❤️

  2. mebeingmummy | 19th Sep 17

    Electrified state haha! Thats exactly what it is like isn’t it though?? Maybe teething is the problem too? I miss sleep but those snuggles are worth more. Xx

    • Mini Mummi Blogger | 19th Sep 17

      Could be teething, but still no sign of them!? He seems okay tonight, so fingers crossed! Thanks for reading xo

  3. relaxedmomma1 | 21st Sep 17

    Aw I love the snuggles but always feel bad for my daughter when this happens. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it is normally teething.

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