Magical Moments

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. There was no particular reason – I was plenty tired. I tried reading myself to sleep, listening to meditation tracks – it just wasn’t happening. I didn’t fall asleep until around 1am, and only got about three hours sleep. But I’m actually happy that I was awake so late …

I recently started transitioning little J from his Love to Dream swaddle bag – he slept for a week or so with one arm out (you can unzip the “wings” to let the arms out on this version). On this night, I finally “released” his other arm. He seemed to be a bit more squirmy than usual. The reason we’d gotten him the swaddle bags to begin with was that, in his ultrasound pictures, he always had his little arms up around his face, so we thought he’d like to sleep that way (and we were right!). He liked being swaddled as a newborn, but would Houdini his way out of a muslin wrap in seconds, so this was the way forward for us.

So, back to last night. I put him to bed, released his right arm, and went to bed. His cot is in my room, so I hear every out-of-the-ordinary noise he makes. But on this night, he was pretty quiet. As I tossed and turned, willing the sandman to drop by and sprinkle some sleep dust on my pillow, my little man turned onto his side; and, with a tiny sigh and a sleepy smile, snuggled in for the night. In that moment, my heart was full to bursting – with my own smile and a sigh of contentment, I soon drifted off to sleep.

I woke the next morning feeling reasonably rested, despite only getting a little sleep. I recalled that moment from the night before and wondered how many moments like that I miss while I’m asleep. Instead of resenting the lack of sleep, as one might do after a couple of rough nights, I was elated that I’d gotten to see my little man resting peacefully. It’s magical moments like this that make the trying times so worth it.

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  1. Stephanie | 16th Sep 17

    That is so sweet. I always try to remember to find the good in things & situations because it will make me a happier person.

  2. reyvennestman | 16th Sep 17

    I love magical moments like these, it’s those moments that help me take step back and realize how truly blessed I am to be a mother, and to have my babies, thank you for the good read ❤️

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