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When you have a baby – particularly an infant – you tend to feel like you’re changing nappies nonstop! It can be a challenge if your little one fusses a lot at nappy time.

In the first couple of months, my little man hated nappy time because it meant having a bare bum. He did not like being naked, even in preparation for a warm bath. He’d cry inconsolably, which would stress me out and make me dread nappy time, too.

Here are some tips and tricks that I find helpful to keep bub happy while changing his nappy!

1. Sing silly songs

The first thing I discovered that worked with my son was making up songs about nappy time. So, to keep him calm, I’d sing him never-ending choruses of “I’ve just gotta clean your bum! I’ve just gotta clean your bum!” followed by “Just a minute, just a minute, mummy’s gotta wash her hands!”. He seemed to find this amusing and would stop crying altogether!

2. Use toys as a distraction

Cot and change table toys the clamp onto your change table can work wonders for curious babies. I bought a “Kangy Kangaroo Changing Time Toy” from Tiny Love and my son loves it:



You can see a video of the toy here.

3. Get someone else to talk to bub

If your partner or someone else is around, ask them to chat to your baby while you change the nappy. I know I found it really fiddly, at first; I’d fumble with the Velcro flaps while trying to fasten the nappy at break-neck speed so my son wouldn’t cry because I was taking too long. Having a grandparent or partner distract your baby will buy you some time!

4. Have a safe place ready

Once you’ve actually managed to change the nappy, you need to dispose of it, deal with any soiled garments, and wash your hands. Pop some toys in the cot with bub so they can play while you finish up. Otherwise, a playpen or “sitting toy” or floor seat are good ideas for placing older babies in.

Of course, always make sure it is set up properly, and that it’s safe to pop bub in there unattended for a minute. I sometimes put my son in his Playgro Comfy Car 🚗 for the 30 seconds it takes me to duck into the bathroom to wash my hands, and that keeps him pretty happy. Ideally, you’ll want to put bub in a cot, bassinet, playpen, etc that can be secured. The car I sometimes use is essentially a plush seat and is on the floor with no hazards around it:


I hope these tips help. Remember, you need to try various things and see what works for your little one. Every baby is different, and not all approaches will suit every mum, either!

Happy nappy time!

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  1. Helen-marie Porter | 5th Sep 17

    great advice it always gets hard when they start moving and don’t want to stop for a second! #thelistlinky

  2. freerangekidsuk | 8th Sep 17

    Our youngest hates nappy time. Great advice xx #listlinky

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